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CyanConnode in India

CyanConnode is a world leader in the design and development of narrowband RF mesh networks, with contracts covering over 3.9 million end points. Within the energy sector, CyanConnode’s IoT platform enables Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions, providing highly secure communication between utilities and consumers. Its proven technology is currently being deployed as part of the UK Smart Metering Implementation Programme as well as within smart metering initiatives across India, Iran, Bangladesh and Europe.

Market Focus
The power grid in India currently incurs power loss or leakage equivalent to $32 billion per annum, through inefficient infrastructure, metering & billing inefficiencies, meter tampering and theft. However, the Indian electricity market is evolving at a rapid pace with programs like Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY) and National Smart Grid Mission led smart grid initiatives. India has 250 million legacy meters currently deployed. In June 2018, Minister of State (IC) for Power and New & Renewable Energy, R K Singh announced” all meters to be smart prepaid in three years” and advised meter manufacturers to scale up production. In December 2018, the Indian government mandated the use of smart prepaid electricity meters in the country beginning April 2019, as it looks to complete the transition over the next three years. This step is likely to bring revolution in power sector by way of reduction in AT&C losses, better health of DISCOMs, incentivising energy conservation, ease of bill payments and doing away with the paper bills. Smart meters in post-paid/ pre-paid mode are a part of the overall advanced metering infrastructure solutions (AMI) aimed at better demand response designed to reduce energy consumption during peak hours. Manufacturing of smart prepaid meters will also generate skilled employment for the youth.

About CyanConnode in India
CyanConnode has been working in India since 2009 and has established CyanConnode Private Limited, which includes a local team of sales, project delivery and technical staff. The Indian team have been trained at CyanConnode’s headquarters in Cambridge where the communication technology was developed. This approach empowers the Indian team, enabling them to develop new skills and expertise, supporting Prime Minister Modi’s initiative ‘Skill India’.

In addition to establishing a local team in India, CyanConnode has manufacturing facilities in India – reinforcing the ‘Make in India’ programme. The Indian-based Tier 1 Contract Equipment Manufacturer is a global company that provides CyanConnode’s hardware for both the Indian and export markets.

CyanConnode has established a significant in-country partner eco-system encompassing multiple meter manufacturers, system integrators and utilities. Its commitment to project delivery and support is proven by successful deployments for public and private utilities across India. Furthermore, CyanConnode provides partners with a licensing package that delivers market-leading technology to support their business models.

Omnimesh for utilities
CyanConnode’s world class communication solution, Omnimesh is based on IPv6 narrowband RF mesh networks and meets the technical requirements for AMI for many of the utilities in India. Omnimesh is designed to enable utilities to gather complete, accurate and timely customer metering data. This supports loss reduction programmes and reduces energy costs by maximising billing revenues and increasing power quality and customer experience. In addition, energy distribution reliability and resilience is improved by rapidly identifying and responding to peaks in demand, quickly locating and resolving faults and implementing real-time controls to prevent minor faults developing into wider outages.

CyanConnode’s technology is based on its award-winning narrowband RF mesh communication platform, providing highly efficient, scalable device-to-device communication. In a recent report ‘Smart Grid Handbook for Regulators and Policy Makers’, published by India Smart Grid Forum, it stated ‘Low power RF is expected to be the most effective communications technology that would offer connectivity to a large number of devices. In a recent document on Communication for AMI, the Central Electricity Authority completed a thorough analysis of communication technologies and rated RF mesh canopies at number one, based on Quality of Service, Latency, Service Level Agreements, Total Cost of Ownership and additional parameters.

Narrowband technology uses considerably less power and is less spectrum-intensive than technologies using higher frequencies, which provides more capacity at lower cost. CyanConnode’s highly-optimised solutions include hardware, software and network management; by understanding all the elements of the solution, CyanConnode is able to increase the performance of the implementation.



Future Proof Technology
As the IoT market evolves, the co-existence of applications on the same network is essential for network efficiency as it will support multiple applications on finite, valuable spectrum. CyanConnode’s technology provides diverse routing through self-forming, self-healing mesh networks, maximising the use of bandwidth while minimising power consumption. Furthermore, CyanConnode technology reduces the amount of data being sent over the network and enables concurrent communication. These network enhancements ensure minimal network latency and efficient use of finite, valuable spectrum.

India Business 
Following successful pilot projects over last 3-4 years and in-depth experience in the Indian market, CyanConnode is well poised to play a dominant role in large roll outs in the country, and has signed RF mesh contracts involving approximately 500k metering points in the last 6 months. In September 2018, the Company received its largest order to date for Omnimesh. The $11.6 million order, from a Tier one Metering Partner, is for the deployment of a smart metering implementation by an Indian state-owned utility. In addition, CyanConnode received a $2.9 million order for a support and maintenance contract, which relates to this implementation. The contract demonstrates the Company’s ability to provide both world class technology and expert support to customers, from integration to ongoing maintenance.

Omnimesh was officially launched in June 2018 and the total value of orders received for this new product is now more than $18.9 million, which demonstrates its suitability for the Indian smart metering market.

Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd
CyanConnode was awarded a contract for the deployment of an IoT network canopy, based on its IPv6 Omnimesh solution. The order, from Larsen & Toubro, is for the implementation of smart meters for the Indian state-owned utility Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd (MPWZ). CyanConnode’s IPv6-based solution will enable a secure, IoT network canopy covering 15 zones of the Indore circle, with a capacity to connect up to 350,000 smart meters. The standards-based narrowband mesh technology supports build-as-you-go networks, which will allow MPWZ to rapidly scale its smart metering implementation across its consumer base. MPWZ operates in Madhya Pradesh and serves a consumer base of more than three million.

The implementation of CyanConnode’s world class communication solution, based on IPv6 narrowband RF mesh networks, is helping L & T roll out rapidly for MPWZ. On day one, more than 200 meters were installed, with the data available at Meter Data Management System (MDMS) the same day. The advantages of self-healing RF Mesh networks has already been observed during cellular outages. CyanConnode’s technology has enabled a fully automated provisioning process from network discovery to Head End system to MDMS and has been able to rapidly accelerate installation, enabling the utility to receive data within minutes of meter deployment. CyanConnode has confidence that its easy-to-deploy solution will enable this project to be one of the most rapid smart meter deployments in India so far.

Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd (UGVCL)
UGVCL operates in the northern parts of Gujarat and serves a consumer base of more than 3 million. The smart metering implementation of over 23,000 units at UGVCL is the Company’s first contract award from Tier One meter provider, Genus. Furthermore, this was the first order from India for the Company’s IPv6 6LoWPAN Omnimesh solution. Following the rapid integration of CyanConnode’s narrowband RF mesh technology with Genus IS 6444 (Bureau of Indian Standards meter protocol) meters, implementation is underway and is due to be complete by the end of 2018.

“The implementation of CyanConnode’s world class communication solution, based on IPv6 narrowband RF mesh network, will meet the technical requirements for AMI in India. CyanConnode’s robust networks are proven by its customer deployments globally and Genus looks forward to working with CyanConnode on this and other projects in India. By joining hands with such proven players, we are committed to make Smart Cities and Smart Grid possible in India.”
JK Agarwal, Joint MD Genus Power

Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation Limited (CESC)
CESC is a public utility with responsibility for power distribution to more than 1.5 million domestic customers across five districts of Karnataka. CESC required an AMI solution to reduce the cost of meter reading and Aggregate, Technical & Commercial losses, and improve peak load and power outage management. CyanConnode supplied its narrowband RF mesh communication network, a Head End System and 21,824 smart meters. Data collected from remote meters is sent to CESC’s Meter Data Management System. This eliminates the need for manual meter readings and enables the utility to better forecast peak load times to prevent power outage. Enabled by CyanConnode’s narrowband RF mesh communication platform, the system is achieving over 97% data availability. This data informs CESC and supports preventive/corrective measures and improved management.

Tata Power, Mumbai 
Tata Power serves 2.6 million distribution consumers in India, including over 670,000 in Mumbai. Through its strategic partner, Larsen & Toubro, CyanConnode has delivered 15,700 smart meters, enabled with its RF mesh AMI solution. CyanConnode’s AMI solution is achieving >98% success rate for monthly billing, which provides data to generate customer bills, real-time information on outages and other factors relating to quality of power. Tata Power has also reported environmental benefits, such as lowering overall carbon footprint and reducing man-hours in operations.

Paschimanchal  Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (PVVNL)
CyanConnode is the solution provider, for its partner Enzen, for the deployment of 13,000 smart meters and associated hardware and software at PVVNL. PVVNL is a public utility responsible for power distribution to more than 3.5 million consumers across 11 districts in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. Public utility, PVVNL is implementing a smart metering solution to automate its meter reading and billing processes to ensure regular and accurate bills.