Better IoT connectivity? We’ve got the solution.

Many businesses and organisations can benefit from smart technology. It’s transforming the way services are supplied and managed in urban environments – not just in leading economies but also in the developing world.

As the world number one in Narrowband RF mesh technology, we’ve developed a range of networking solutions to enable customers across the globe to take full advantage of the benefits of smart technology. Our solutions are designed to deliver excellent performance, while being cost effective to deploy, manage and upgrade. They’re fully end-to-end and future-proofed, ensuring value for money in total cost of ownership and reassuring business continuity.

CyanConnode’s Omnimesh solution is an easy-to-deploy, highly secure IPv6-based wireless Neighbourhood Area Network (NAN) solution that interfaces smoothly with other networks and applications. Omnimesh is the world’s first hybrid Narrowband RF mesh networking solution. It’s versatile enough to adapt to the wide-ranging needs of users around the world, including those operating converged networks.

A collaborative approach

As an innovative technology company, we pride ourselves on being an enabler of transformation. Therefore, in delivering our advanced mesh networking solutions we use a collaborative engagement business model, working closely with local suppliers and manufacturers globally. Our objective is simple: to transfer our unrivalled skills and experience to carefully chosen in-territory partners who understand the unique dynamics, culture and geography of their respective markets.

Our industry-leading IoT solutions enable governments, metropolitan authorities and utilities companies to make the most of smart technology. They create opportunities for enhanced service delivery, as well as improved business and energy efficiency.