Standards-based, multi-application network

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising the commercial world. Taking machine to machine (M2M) connectivity to new levels, it is enabling smarter ways of working in many industry sectors, from utilities to transport.

Traditionally M2M connectivity has used existing mobile phone networks. However, this results in limitations to coverage and reliability. The large numbers of connections and local device-to-device signalling create challenges for mobile systems.

Many solutions for street lights, industrial equipment, parking or environmental sensors are currently procured in silos, which means investing in single application end-to-end solutions without the opportunity to share the infrastructure. This impedes innovation, as there are less options to create synergies and each application bears the total cost of an end-to-end solution.

That is why CyanConnode has created a highly secure, IP-based platform. It uses Narrowband RF mesh technology to create wireless Neighbourhood Area Networks (NANs) that are not only highly resilient, but also secure, scalable, easy to deploy and future-proofed.

CyanConnode’s Omnimesh is designed using an IPv6 foundation to enable applications and devices to become meaningful solutions. An Omnimesh-based network can be deployed as:

  • City-wide networks - deploying stand-alone gateways at strategic locations, across a city for example, provides coverage to add devices such as smart meters, street lights, sensors etc.
  • Build-as-you-go networks - adding devices and gateways for your first application and using the coverage created to add other devices as the deployment grows expands coverage and allows more gateways to be implemented as needed.

This creates the possibility to create a shared, cost effective, city-wide communications network for current and future devices.

Smart metering for utilities is a key area where IoT technology delivers better performance and efficiency. CyanConnode’s Omnimesh supports all the processes needed to deploy and operate a smart metering communications system, with an availability of at least 99.7%.

Devices in an Omnimesh system are plug and play, self-configuring and self-healing. Each device uses the most efficient route to its gateway every time, continually optimising and adapting the network.

Cost-effective, reliable and adaptable

With low-cost installation and operation, 6LoWPAN fits seamlessly into an existing M2M infrastructure. There is no need to invest in external equipment such as repeaters, filters or concentrators.

The platform also offers excellent reliability and predictability, with highly efficient aggregation and forwarding of data. For wide-area coverage and back-haul, CyanConnode taps into conventional public broadband networks such as GPRS/3G (or any other available wired or wireless IP network).

Based on IPv6, CyanConnode’s Omnimesh solution has been designed to transport any type of data, now and into the future. In addition, there are a range of enhancements to support the specific needs of different businesses.