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CyanConnode Launches Omnimesh Smart Metering Solution

CyanConnode, the world leader in narrowband radio mesh networks, has today officially launched a cost-optimised standards-based Omnimesh smart metering application at Asia Utility Week in Bangkok.

Delivered as part of CyanConnode’s Omni IoT Platform, Omnimesh provides electricity metering capability. Based on IPv6 6 LoWPAN narrowband RF mesh technology, Omnimesh is a scalable, robust system that provides cost-effective communication capabilities, supporting the Smart Grid.

John Cronin, CyanConnode Executive Chairman commented: “The development of our new Omnimesh product expands our global reach and ensures our technology can support global and country-specific standards for AMI.  Furthermore, this launch signifies the end of a major development programme for the Company, which will result in a substantial reduction in development costs at the same time as opening up new revenue streams.

“Ahead of today’s official launch at Asia Utility Week, we are already rolling Omnimesh out to two Indian customers, which demonstrates the suitability of the product as well as the growing demand for standards-based solutions.”

Jitendra Kumar Agarwal, Genus Power Joint Managing Director commented: “CyanConnode’s world class communication solution, based on IPv6 narrowband RF mesh network, meets the technical requirements for AMI for many of the utilities in India. Following the rapid integration of CyanConnode’s technology with our IS 16444 meters (Bureau of Indian Standards meter protocol) we are now implementing the IPv6-enabled smart meters at UGVCL. We understand, CyanConnode’s robust networks are proven by its customer deployments globally and therefore Genus looks forward to working with CyanConnode on this and other similar projects in India. By joining hands with such proven players, we are committed to make Smart Cities and Smart Grid possible in India.”

The global AMI market is growing rapidly with much more demanding operating requirements. Omnimesh features, functionality and widely adopted standards meet the requirements of increasingly complex tenders, at a price point that supports utilities’ business cases at all deployment scales. This changing dynamic has created enormous interest in Omnimesh and built positive momentum across the market.

Omnimesh is designed to enable utilities to gather complete, accurate and timely customer metering data. This supports loss reduction programmes and reduces energy costs by maximising billing revenues and increasing power quality and customer experience. In addition, energy distribution reliability and resilience is improved by rapidly identifying and responding to peaks in demand, quickly locating and resolving faults and implementing real time controls to prevent minor faults developing into wider outages. Utilities can also implement real time pricing and enable customers to control energy consumption and costs. Most importantly, Omnimesh allows utilities to maximise smart grid investment by extending existing and new command and control capabilities over dedicated communication networks.

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