Company information



The Company complies with the requirements of the Corporate Governance Code for Small and Mid-Sized Quoted Companies 2013 published by the Quoted Companies Alliance from time to time, to the extent the directors consider it appropriate given the Company’s size and nature.

At 23 February 2018 the Board comprised five Directors, made up of one Executive Chairman, a Chief Operating Officer and three Non-Executive Directors. The Board is responsible for overall strategy, the policy and decision making framework in which this strategy is implemented, approval of budgets, monitoring performance, and risk management. The Board meets at regular scheduled intervals and follows a formal agenda; it also meets as and when required.

The Directors may take independent professional advice at the Company’s expense.
Heather Peacock is the Company Secretary ensuring compliance with all corporate governance requirements.

Board Committees

The Company has an Audit Committee, a Remuneration Committee and a Nominations Committee.

Simon Smith chairs the Audit Committee with Paul Ratcliff being the other member of this committee.

Paul Ratcliff chairs the Remuneration Committee with Pete Hutton being the other member of this committee.

Pete Hutton chairs the Nominations Committee, with all three Non-Executive Directors being members of this committee.

Relationships with Shareholders

The Board understands the need for clear communications with its shareholders. In addition to presentations after publication of results and the Annual General Meeting, meetings are held with fund managers, analysts, and institutional investors. Information is posted on the Company’s web site,, which contains a comprehensive Investor Relations section.