Helping businesses become better connected

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates huge opportunities for utility companies and urban authorities to improve efficiency and cost control by using next generation smart technology for omni-channel, bi-directional communication between devices.

At CyanConnode we’ve harnessed the power of Narrowband RF mesh technology to create an industry-leading IoT platform. It not only delivers exceptional levels of resilience and reliability, but also scalability and future proofing.

This state-of-the-art IoT network environment supports your applications of choice or our range of award-winning applications for remote monitoring and management of electricity, gas and water meters, as well as street lighting. Easy and cost-effective to deploy, they deliver significant time, cost and energy savings, improving the profitability and sustainability of your business.

All our applications have been designed to be highly versatile, working as stand-alone systems or seamlessly integrating with existing architectures. Built-in diagnostics flag up potential issues, enabling preventative maintenance to be carried out.

Choosing CyanConnode’s IoT network empowers you to take your business forward confidently. It also helps safeguard our vital energy supplies and the future of our planet.

A trusted partner

As a world-leader in IoT network solutions, we can offer you unrivalled expertise and service. Our IoT platform and applications are proven to be highly effective in today’s commercial context, as well as being adaptable to new environments as technology develops further. They’re also backed up with excellent support resources and a company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction.

The CyanConnode team has expertise across a diverse skillset, from hardware to integration. Therefore, we can offer a range of support services, from design-in consultancy to training and technical advice. We’re also committed to forging strong, productive relationships with local suppliers and manufacturers globally.