Smart electricity metering

The smarter way to manage electricity usage

Global demand for energy continues to rise. Meeting that demand cost effectively means investing in new technology that increases efficiency without compromising service levels.

With our innovative, award-winning smart metering communications systems, utility companies can remotely monitor and control energy usage, accurately and securely. Advanced narrowband RF mesh networking technology delivers optimum performance and efficiency in both urban and rural areas.

A rigorous, regular billing cycle improves cash flow. In addition, robust reporting and analytics enable better demand management.

CyanConnode’s standards-based smart metering communications solutions offer scalable and secure technology for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployments.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems provide bi-directional communication between the utility and customers’ meters, enabling smart metering functionality. Data collected from remote meters can be sent via CyanConnode’s Head End System, which provides API’s to a customer’s meter data application. Alternatively, the meter data can be sent transparently sent to the customer’s head end or meter data management system.

CyanConnode’s Omnimesh technology delivers cost-effective smart metering communications capabilities, supporting the Smart Grid. Based on IPv6 6LoWPAN, Omnimesh is a secure and scalable solution that enables ease of integration and the efficient and robust implementation of large scale networks [of Omnimesh-based meters].

Installing smart technology doesn’t have to involve replacing existing meters. We offer a ‘retrofit’ option that uses a wireless module to add smart metering functionality to an existing meter.

A platform for growth

Narrowband RF mesh technology is the future of smart metering. Applications that use Narrowband are less power-hungry and spectrum intensive than those using higher frequencies. As a result, narrowband networks offer much more growth potential and flexibility.

We’re a world leader in Narrowband mesh networking. Our smart metering systems are optimised for range and provide excellent penetration through obstructions such as buildings.