Shriprakash Tyagi

Shriprakash Tyagi was appointed as the Chief Commercial Officer for CyanConnode’s India Operations in December 2023. Shriprakash, an accomplished professional in the energy sector, has a rich experience spanning 23 years on a global scale. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree and a Master’s in Energy Management, underscoring his deep-rooted expertise in the field.

In his career he has made some significant contributions to various high-profile projects and initiatives, including those under ADB, APDRP, R-RAPDRP, USAID, and numerous Smart Metering programmes. He was instrumental in AT&C Loss Analysis studies, Utility Revenue Management, and is adept in fields like programme management, infrastructure management, energy audits, smart metering, and customer management. His acumen extends to P&L management and the implementation of ESG policies, where he has led strategic corporate initiatives with aplomb.

Prior to joining CyanConnode, Shriprakash held the position of Corporate Energy Revenue Head and National Energy Head at Indus Towers Limited (formerly Bharti Infratel Ltd.), where he managed an impressive energy revenue portfolio of approximately $1.5 billion, a testament to his leadership and expertise in Energy Management, for which he has received numerous accolades.

His professional qualifications are as diverse as his experience, holding national and international certifications such as PMP, Six Sigma Green Belt, MIE, and the status of a Chartered Engineer. His career includes roles with esteemed organizations like Wipro, Secure Meters, Reliance Infra, and AMTL