Ajoy Rajani

Ajoy joined CyanConnode in December 2020 having extensive experience in the Indian power sector. With knowledge of the telecom and energy sectors, and IT solutions, he managed CyanConnode India’s entity until June 2021. He is now the Key Account Manager for IntelliSmart and President Americas, evaluating the American smart metering markets.

Ajoy Rajani is a highly experienced and well-regarded business leader within the Indian Power Sector and also has a wealth of expertise in the Telecoms and IT Sectors. He has held various senior positions with Reliance Communications and Reliance Energy for the last sixteen years, with Ajoy also having held the position of Senior Executive Vice President of Adani Energy Mumbai, where he drove technological innovation to increase revenues to circa USD 100m.

Ajoy has well entrenched working relationships and understanding of the Eco-system of Partnerships & Alliances at a national and global technology level.