A cost-effective, end-to-end narrowband mesh network

Global urbanisation is driving demand for energy, water, transport, lighting and other essential services. Cost control, security and sustainability are key issues. Therefore, governments, city authorities and businesses are all looking to find ways of achieving more efficient management of devices such as utility meters and street lighting.

At CyanConnode we’re innovators in the development of converged networks for machine to machine (M2M) communication in the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities. Our aim is to provide straightforward, cost-effective connectivity solutions that are affordable and scalable.

Based on our Narrowband RF mesh network, Optimal is an end-to-end solution that’s engineered for exceptional performance and provides excellent value for money in terms of total cost of ownership.

Self-configuring and self-healing, Optimal solutions include hardware, software and built-in network management tools. Each element is designed and engineered to perform at optimum efficiency with minimal maintenance.

CyanConnode’s technology uses sub-GHz frequencies that maximise the range of its low-power network and provide excellent penetration through obstructions, such as buildings. Therefore, it’s particularly effective for applications such as smart metering in cities, where devices are often in secluded locations.

Optimal - the benefits

High-frequency carriers such as mobile networks and WiFi can be unreliable and prone to having ‘not-spots’. Optimal uses low-frequency Narrowband RF mesh technology to deliver long-range, reliable connectivity for all kinds of devices, including electricity, gas and water meters, as well as street lighting and traffic lights.

  • Cost effective. A true end-to-end solution that's easy to deploy and self-managing. Therefore, total cost of ownership is highly competitive.
  • Assured quality. Built-in optimisation, diagnostics and fault management ensure the network is stable and resilient.
  • Easy installation. We have established relationships with local partners and work closely with them to deliver choice and flexibility to our end-user customers.
Optimal is an end-to-end solution that's optimised for exceptional performance and provides excellent value for money.

Enabling business transformation

The Internet of Things is enabling a quiet revolution in the way private and public sector organisations manage the everyday services we take for granted. As demand for smart technology continues to increase, taking full advantage of the opportunities will be business critical. At CyanConnode we provide customers with the flexibility and choice required to converge networks for applications in smart cities and the IoT, delivering exceptional customer value.