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The United Kingdom’s Smart Meter Implementation Programme is a major national infrastructure project that will involve the roll out of 53M gas and electricity meters across the country by 2020, helping consumers to better understand and control their energy usage.

Telefónica has been selected by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Control as the preferred communications service provider for two out of three lots in the UK’s smart meter tender, subject to contracts being agreed. Telefónica’s proposed communications solution is based on its existing cellular network in the UK, supported by CyanConnode’s IPv6-based wireless mesh solution, which will connect meters in households without cellular coverage.

Telefónica’s cellular network supported by CyanConnode’s mesh technology will provide a highly flexible and cost-effective total communications solution that will be simple and cost-effective to deploy and operate. “CyanConnode is one of the very few suppliers globally that has the experience and leading-edge technology to support smart meter deployment in areas where there is no cellular coverage” says Anthony Shaw, Smart Metering UK Director, Telefónica UK.