Enabling Technology Leadership in Smart Lighting Control for the Public Lighting Industry

Enabling Technology Leadership in Smart Lighting Control for the Public Lighting Industry

In November 2016, CyanConnode won two Frost & Sullivan best practice titles, recognising its consistency in delivering innovative technology and customer value across the global smart lighting and smart metering industries.

With a number of factors hindering adoption of smart lighting solutions in public lighting space CyanConnode has been recognised for addressing these challenges with its commitment to Innovation. Based on narrowband RF mesh network platform, the company has focused on developing an innovative smart lighting solution, which aids in reducing the overall cost associated with its installation and operation. The intelligent smart lighting control module offers improved efficiency by providing significant control and management of the public lighting energy.

CyanConnode has adopted an interesting business strategy to develop this novel solution. Unlike other outdoor smart lighting control modules, Ultimesh lighting control encourages suppliers to provide a user interface. This collaborative effort facilitates local suppliers to develop Web-based applications for the product, thereby providing benefits for localised suppliers, as well for CyanConnode, on the business front.

Rajiv Kumar, Senior Analyst at Frost and Sullivan, commented: “The company’s focus on delivering a powerful and energy-efficient smart lighting system based on narrowband RF mesh network wireless communications, which can be further scaled up for various IoT applications, can be expected to revolutionise the smart lighting market. The capability of Ultimesh to work with any lighting technology and Web applications can expand the potential of Ultimesh lighting control on a global scale. With its strong overall performance, CyanConnode has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Enabling Technology Leadership Award.”