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CyanConnode launches new Omni IoT Platform

Appointment of Global Head of Integration

CyanConnode, the world leader in narrowband radio mesh networks, is launching its new Omni IoT platform capability at European Utility Week, 3-5 October 2017 – in Amsterdam.

CyanConnode’s Omni IoT platform is designed to manage multiple systems through one network management system. The innovative platform, which is communication protocol, network and device agnostic – provides the flexibility to integrate both legacy and new applications on the same platform.  This future-proof technology incorporates all the elements required to deliver multi-network, multi-application IoT solutions, reducing complexity and integration costs.

The integration of different networks, communication protocols and devices with one platform requires comprehensive knowledge of all these elements.  Today, CyanConnode is also announcing the appointment of Dr Graeme Milligan as its Global Head of Integration.  Graeme will provide technical and planning support for the seamless integration of customers’ devices and software with CyanConnode’s Omni IoT platform.

Harry Berry, CyanConnode COO, commented: “We are thrilled to be launching a solution that provides customers and partners with a scalable IoT platform to manage multiple systems.  Proven by the successful deployment of our narrowband RF mesh networks, we have the technology and experience to operate critical, quality assured private networks that provide cost-effective, flexible IoT communications.”

“I also want to congratulate Graeme on his appointment as Global Head of Integration and I know that he and his team of hardware and software engineers are already working with our customers in India, Iran and Bangladesh.”

Graeme joined CyanConnode in February 2017 having previously worked as a consultant, advising utilities on the integration of their meters and Meter Data Management Systems with the UK Smart Metering Implementation Programme.  Since completing his Engineering Doctorate at University of Glasgow, Graeme has gained extensive experience in the defence, pharmaceutical and smart energy industries.

CyanConnode’s Omni IoT platform is a command and control system, carrying out network management, security and protocol conversion functions. With a transparent Application Program Interface (API), the platform enables time efficiencies through rapid integration with Enterprise Planning Systems, such as a Meter Data Acquisition System for smart metering applications.