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CyanConnode Highly Commended in Rushlight Awards

CyanConnode, the integrated system and software design company delivering mesh based flexible wireless solutions for utility metering and lighting control, has received a commendation in the category of Energy Reduction at the 2018 Rushlight Awards.

The Rushlight Awards are a celebration and a promotion of new technology, innovation and best practice across the whole environment spectrum and are designed to highlight innovation, initiatives and the holistic environmental benefit of technologies.  The Energy Reduction award is designed to identify, celebrate and publicise a technology, product, system or process that can be adopted or used to reduce the use of energy overall, whether it be for light, heat or fuel.

CyanConnode was nominated for its use of Narrowband RF mesh networks to support energy reduction across public lighting systems. Its technology has been deployed in streetlamps in China, achieving 24-70% power savings across a range of lighting techniques and dimming settings, through active management of lamps.

John Cronin, Executive Chairman of CyanConnode, commented: “CyanConnode is focussed on delivering powerful lighting systems that reduce energy consumption and can be scaled up for various IoT applications. In addition to energy efficiency, the system can be used to support lower day-to-day running costs including predictive maintenance, allowing early identification of faulty light bulbs and pre-failure replacement. CyanConnode’s energy reduction technology is the result of more than 300 man-years of development at its R&D centre in Cambridge and we are pleased to be highly commended in the Energy Reduction category.”

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