A world leader in narrowband
RF mesh networks for Omni
IoT communications

Intelligent solutions for smart cities

The Internet of Things is remodelling urban landscapes across the world, creating smart cities where technology connects and communicates.

At CyanConnode we’re helping drive that transformation with industry-leading solutions and apps based on reliable, secure Narrowband RF mesh networking. Saving costs and energy, they enable governments, metropolitan authorities and businesses to monitor and manage services such as utilities and street lighting with optimum efficiency.


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Our experience

We’re highly experienced specialists in Narrowband RF mesh technology which connects devices in the Internet of Things (IoT).

CyanConnode brings together two major innovators in IoT technology, creating a world leader in Narrowband mesh networks for services such as smart metering and intelligent street lighting systems.

Founded in 2002, Cyan has a wealth of experience in delivering mesh-based flexible wireless solutions for utility metering and lighting control. Connode completed its first smart metering installations in 2006 and has become firmly established as a key player in mesh networking in the Nordic countries, India and Europe.