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CyanConnode recognised for innovation excellence

CyanConnode, the world leader in narrowband RF networks for Omni IoT communications, has been recognised at the Independent Power Producers Association of India (“IPPAI”) Power Awards for providing one of the industry’s best smart metering innovations.

The company has successfully deployed smart metering solutions in a highly competitive business environment and has built strong partner ecosystems within its target markets, helping to retain its position at the top of the industry, as well as to attract new customers. CyanConnode’s innovation was recognised for its low implementation costs, successful customer deployments (including Tata Power, CESC and PVVNL) and scope for future development.

The award was presented at the Regulators & Policymakers Retreat in Goa India, organised by IPPAI. CyanConnode’s Executive Chairman, John Cronin, presented at the event and also accepted this prestigious award.

John commented: “We take an enormous amount of pride in consistently delivering high levels of value through our innovative technology and strategic partnerships, which enable the transfer of skills and local wealth generation. CyanConnode’s customers in emerging markets are realising the benefits of its innovative solutions – addressing real challenges today and future proofing systems for tomorrow.”

CyanConnode provides narrowband RF mesh technology globally. Its Ultimesh solutions are optimised for exceptional performance and total cost of ownership. Ultimesh includes hardware, software and network management – by understanding all the elements of the end-to-end solution CyanConnode is able to increase the performance of its technology.

CyanConnode uses sub GHz frequencies that maximise the range of its low power network and provides excellent penetration through obstructions, such as buildings, in smart metering deployments.

Click here to view John Cronin’s presentation